• David Bull

Updates - Feb 2021

Hi, Sunshine Valley community members

The ice Rink remains closed due to COVID restrictions/regulations.

Due to that we are removing the "change room container". We are leaving the equipment/maintenance container as the rink is still being maintained with hopes conditions change and the regulations are relaxed in the future to capture any use of the rink this winter.

We are hoping to re-purpose the "change room container" and redeploy for additional infrastructure improvements in Sunshine Valley for local community benefit.

We continue to work throughout these winter months on other additional initiatives for community benefit and enjoyment and when progressed to a level of deliverable certainty we can provide details (so we don't have any over promise under deliverables lol).

Please see new additional CLOSED signage on ice rink both center posts plus Hope Towing Signage.

During current COVID restrictions we have suspended rink maintenance/snow clearing.

We will continue to monitor the situation. I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible during these times as we look forward with optimism.

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