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meet the team

Sunshine Valley Developments' team brings a vast array of talents and experience, all working towards a vision of enjoyable, sustainable living for everyone to enjoy.

OUR community leaders


Sunshine Valley Fire Chief

Chris Terry

Chief Chris Terry heads up the Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department 

Chris runs the department to exacting standards and has had numerous honourable mentions and awards for his work. Chris also leads the department in numerous community events through out the year which makes the fire department a vibrant heart of the community.


Tashme Museum Founder

Ryan Ellan

Ryan has lived in the Valley with his family for almost three decades, and in addition to owning the Sasquach Sign Co and creating our Sunshine Valley Logo he has created a beautiful award winning Tashme Historical Project to pay tribute to the Japanese Canadians that were were interred 1942-1946. The Museum has received much attention and accoladed for the excellent job it does in taking one through what life was like during that period of time.


Utilities & Skating Rink Curator

John Coburn

John Coburn is an outstanding member of the community that is a that one in a million kind of soul. He is a resident of Sunshine Valley and always found around the Valley doing work that makes the valley the special place it is. John is best known for his tireless and dedicated work on the outdoor skating rinks.

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