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SVDL Summer Updates 2022

Dear Community Members;

As president of SVDL I have the honour of frequent contact with the many non-profit

organizations, residents, guests and property and business owners who work, play, create

and live in Sunshine Valley. Many of these relationships have fostered a healthy give and

take communication style on what sort of improvements the company could support and /

or partner in to make Sunshine Valley even better. As my family also enjoys the time we

spend in the Valley, and plan to continue for years to come, I am committed to making

improvements whenever we can.

It's been awhile since I’ve provided any sort of an update so I thought that this would be a

good time to catch up with you all. I have a lot to cover and some of it will not be of interest

to everyone, so I’ve broken this up into four sections:

-Community Initiatives,


-Future Business Plans,

-Upcoming Community Events and Programs.

In closing, I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Autumn and Thanksgiving


Happy reading!

David Bull




SV Ratepayers/Community Garden

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to visit the community garden at the entrance to

Sunshine Valley you really should. It is a peaceful oasis full of native plants, perennials,

shade-providing trees and quiet spots to catch up with a friend or a good book. It is a credit

to all the community members who volunteer hundreds of hours to keep the garden

beautiful for everyone. SVDL was happy to provide some benches last year and this year we provided funding towards a new gazebo. This will come in handy when the thermostat hits 30 degrees, which happens more and more these days.

Sunshine Valley ATV Club

The SV-ATV Club is dedicated to ensuring the area has fun and challenging trails for ATV,

snow mobiles and motor bike users, while maintaining community safety and the quiet

enjoyment of the public. They have been working on creating new trails that do not infringe

on non-motorized users. Creating new trails can be back breaking work so SVDL has

committed to supporting the creation of new trails with both cash and in-kind support, such

as bulldozer use and materials.

SV Rec Centre Society

Many of you know that we donated $30,000 to the Society to be used for playground

improvements. These improvements are ongoing but in this day of global supply chain

issues this cash will only go so far, so we have also committed to improving the building and exterior by providing new solar lighting, fixing potholes in the parking lot, upgrades to the tennis court, materials for the stage and providing tons of gravel to improve the property. SVDL also sponsored some of the Society’s community events with cash and value in kind contributions as well as personnel.

The Society has also expressed an interest in increasing their membership. SVDL planning to give all recent Owners a one month free User Pass, so that they can try out some of the

Society’s events and programs.

We are also helping the Society with their future plan of fixing the roof on the large barn by

committing up to $175,000 towards the roof repair, at an estimated cost of $700,000

Stay tuned for an announcement on a future event in July 2023 that you will not want to


Community Safety

Recently many community members have been concerned about security and property

crime. While Sunshine Valley does not experience the same amount of crime as nearby Hope or the Fraser Valley, we are sadly not immune to the changing times. To this end SVDL is installing new cameras in high use areas. There are already private cameras at the entrances to Alpine and Meadow Villages. We will be installing new cameras at the four-way stop next to the community gardens and on the north side at the entrance to Huckleberry. All future camera installations will be equipped with infrared and high-definition quality. Recent discussions with Telus indicate that the High-Speed Internet that we are partially paying for will improve the quality of the videos, making Sunshine Valley unattractive to future criminals. Rogers and Bell users will also be interested to know that we are discussing infrastructure that will improve cell service throughout Sunshine Valley, most notably in Alpine and Huckleberry Villages.

Other community safety initiatives include working with the MOTI (Ministry of Highways and

Infrastructure) to construct Geotech and Civil Engineer-designed flood mitigation

improvements and to improve and maintain the evacuation pathways and roads. These are

both much needed safety improvements.

Trites Water System

We have recently contracted with BC Hydro on new upgrades that will improve the water

system for all users. To date over $47,000 has been spent to provide up-to-date digital

intake monitoring and we have also procured quotes to fix the pathway access to the water

intake, with the work taking place next spring.

Cedar Lake

On recommendations from the MOTI and consultants, SVDL undertook a comprehensive

plan to reconstruct both sides of Ferguson Creek and added a sediment clean-out and

delivery system to Cedar Lake entrances and egresses.

We also commissioned a full environmental study for the area that included improvement

and maintenance recommendations. We are exploring options for deepening and widening

the lake, making it much more attractive for recreational swimmers and non-motorized


Fire Department

In these days of increasing insurance fees, we have been hoping to improve Sunshine

Valley’s fire protection status, in part, by improving some of the fire suppression delivery

systems. With an eye to attaining semi-protected status, the SVVFD is planning to hold time

trials soon and if the times are attained to a level that our fire protection status is improved,

we should all see lower insurance fees in the future.


Water Systems

We recently worked with the Provincial Government and Fraser Health to approve new plans and construction for upgrades to the water system and have been awarded a new operators certificate. I’m proud to announce that for the first time in fifty-five years SVDL will be providing potable water to Huckleberry Village. We will also be providing potable water to the new developments which will be on separate water systems.


Canada Post has recently agreed, on a preliminary basis, to add additional postal boxes to

the Huckleberry side of the Valley.


Recent discussions with Telus have indicated that high-speed internet is still coming to

Sunshine Valley but we do not have a definite date for this yet. We have committed to

contributing funds to make this happen and will update you with any news as it arrives.


Hope Slide and Rock Spillway

We have explored ways this property can be used and have come to the conclusion that this area is not suitable for residential use, but we are confident that it will be useful for

businesses and the community. SVDL has put aside a number of lots for the community to

use as a storage area for construction vehicles and materials. Other lots will be sold to

commercial enterprises. We are also building a new road that will bypass the residential

areas. This new commercial use for land storage area (3% of developer owned land) primarily for construction materials will save the back and forth costs that the community currently pays for transportation. Storage of vehicles and materials close-by results in less pressure on fossil fuel use. Less fuel use equals less money spent, less noise, and a cleaner environment.

New locally owned businesses will increase the tax base in the region, resulting in better


We hope to add an additional fire break next to the Hope Slide and to enlarge the existing

one. As 90% of the prevailing winds come west to east to SV, this will enhance fire safety for

the Valley.

New development

SVDL has plans to develop up to thirty new cabin lots at the west end of the property

adjacent to existing quarter-acre lots.

East Huckleberry

We have no plans to develop the land above the old runway, on the hillside, east of the

Huckleberry Gate. In 2022 a contractor cut down trees in this area in error and we plan to

replant this section with new trees in 2023.


Based on community input we will continue to maintain non-motorized use only in the

meadow, so that walkers and cyclists can peacefully and safely continue to stroll in the area.

Parkhill and SV Community Rec Centre

We will be erecting a fence around the primary septic field and the septic tank area between the Community Centre and the big old Barn (the recently repainted one). This will hopefully decrease damage and increase public safety.


We have recently been assisting Alpine Meadows to review their real estate ownership model with an eye to better property values.

Gravel, rock and soil

We are developing contracts and a business plan for the supply of gravel, rock and topsoil to Sunshine Valley. We expect prices will be very competitive. Stay tuned for more information as we bring this service online.

Asphalt Grindings

We are currently working with the MOTI to access asphalt grindings that can be used by the

community for lanes, paths and driveways.


Community Firewood

All of Sunshine Valley experienced blow down of logs and debris during the November

flooding and atmospheric river systems. SVDL has cleared much of our own blowdown into

one area and will be offering the fire wood for $160 per cord, with funds going to the SVCRS, SV Ratepayers, and the SVV Fire Department. More details will be announced at a later date.

Ebikes for the Community

We are exploring the idea of providing ebikes for community use.

Winter Family Day Festival

Mark your calendars for the weekend of February 18 and 19, 2023 when the Sunshine Valley Community Recreation Society celebrates Family Day with their extended family. Ice skating, live music, hands on arts and crafts, an artisan showcase and more. Keep checking for more updates.

I’m happy to announce that SVDL will be joining Fortis and Department of Canadian

Heritage as a sponsor for this exciting new event.

SVDL News Letter final
Download PDF • 653KB


Sunshine Valley is located beautifully in the Cascade Mountains of British Columbia. Sunshine Valley is just 15 minutes from Hope, a quick 2-hour drive from Vancouver, no ferries, borders, or long and tedious drives. The Valley is 1,300 acres surrounded by local highlights such as Silvertip Mountain, Cedar Lake, The Sumallo River and Manning Park. Sunshine Valley offers access to activities for everyone including, ATVing, snowmobiling, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, dirt biking, fishing, ice skating, and off-roading. 

Sunshine Valley is located just 20 minutes away from Manning Park, which features downhill and X-country skiing, a tube park and horseback riding. Further, enjoy day trips to the Similkameen Valley filled with eateries and wine tasting. Hope, just a 15-minute drive from the Valley also has a lot to offer including, the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, the Eaton Lake Trail, the Flood Falls Trail, Gold Panning, Kawkawa Lake Beach and Water Sports and the Fraser River Tours: Hope to Hell's Gate. For families, Hope also has the HMI Skate park, the Rambo Tour, Centennial Park, the Hope Community Center, the Hope Curling Club, Bowling at the Kingpin Lounge and the Hope Golf & Country Club. Visit for more activities. Additionally, The Sunshine Valley Community Recreation Society also provides access to an outdoor pool, an indoor hot tub, tennis and pickleball courts, an auditorium for special events, free wifi, free parking in the society's parking lot and a discount on special event tickets for $40 per month. Sunshine Valley has been called one of BC's most accessible and affordable recreational and residential resorts. 

Recreational and residential acreage is for sale on a 999 Year Prepaid Registered Improvement to Land Lease starting from $147,900. Lot sizes range from just under 4000 sq ft up to just over 10,000 sq ft in three different neighbourhoods. Sunshine Valley's newest release is nine lake mountain view lots ranging from 5500 to 6700 sq ft, on which you can build up to 3500 sq ft with an additional three-car garage. The lake mountain view lots will be fully serviced with hydro, water, and TELUS high-speed fibre optic internet, septic to be installed by purchaser. The second neighbourhood is Sunshine Valley Estates featuring quarter-acre lots in the woodlands. The majority of the Sunshine Valley Estate Lots are larger than 10,450 sq ft and allow for a building up to 3500 sq ft plus a three-car garage. Infrastructure for the Estate Lots including, water, septic, hydro, cell and wifi, is currently being installed for an additional cost. Finally, the third neighbourhood is the Sunshine Valley Grove, featuring fully serviced south-facing lots around 4000 sq ft and up. The Grove lots allow for homes up to 1300 sq ft plus a garage. Although these are the lots currently available for reservation or sale, we are happy to discuss larger parcels of property available to lease. 

Sunshine Valley is the perfect place to build your first or even your second home. Use a custom builder, a prefab, kit or tiny home to create your dream outdoor four-season retreat and experience cottage living. Make Sunshine Valley your retirement location or where you choose to live off the grid to achieve sustainable living. Additionally, there is the option to Airbnb or VRBO your Sunshine Valley property for up to 6 months per year, making it the perfect property for those who wish to use their property part-time while still earning rental income. 

Register now to learn more about our newly-released lots and to book a tour. Visit Sunshine Valley to see where you could build your dream custom cabin, prefab house, or tiny home.

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