• davidbull40

August 2021 - Update

Happy BC Day Long weekend

For this month's updates the topics are....

1. Beer Garden

2. Vehicle Decals

3. SVDL Grass areas closed to ATV/motorbikes during the current high risk fire period

1. Beer Garden Fundraiser for SVVFD is on Saturday August 14 at SCCC Parking lot

We will be sponsoring a Beer Garden Saturday August 14, as another ongoing Fund Raiser for SVVFD. Some minority portion of proceeds will go to SCCC for use of their parking lot, tables, chairs, washrooms and kitchen space. Thank you SCCC.

This will be like last summer's food carts but liquid style.

Given the size of the area at SCCC and the proximity of washrooms we thought we would try that location.

Hope's Mountainview Brewing Company is providing their craft draft beers.

Live Music booking is being confirmed at time of this blog. Fingers crossed.

It is expected to start in the afternoon and end mid evening.

It is also hopeful "pub" food menu will be served (burgers (& veggie), smokies, chicken wings, pasta, fries, etc.)

Mountainview Brewing Co. is going to promote the event with their mobile draft beer red wagon this Saturday July 31st driving around Sunshine Valley.

(Think back in the day music playing ice cream truck when it came down your street but for adults only)

2. Vehicle Decals

We have printed up voluntary vehicle decals for Car, Truck & ATV identification, given all the thefts going on and of course to proudly show if you like Sunshine Valley Community Pride on your vehicle.

They will be handed out at the museum coffee cart each weekend and at the beer garden and we will give each neighborhood representative a supply as well.

Additionally a high Res 4K video camera has been installed at Walter's to possibly help provide some info if/when bad guys do something.

But after review we are changing location so if we need license plate when that 3:30am car does something we can hopefully provide it to whoever may have had something stolen to provide assistance if needed.

A theft happened again at 5AM this morning right at th