• David Bull

Updates - Dec 2020

Hi to All Sunshine Valley community members,

Due to Covid/FVRD restrictions/regulations the SVDL Ice Rink will not be open at this time. The large parking lot next (north) of the rink is closed with a cement barricade. Yellow CAUTION tape surrounding the front of the rink has been strung around/between all those rink edge poles. Yellow CAUTION tape has encircled ancillary use facilities. Additional CLOSED signs have been erected on poles.

Please be aware ongoing Ice Rink maintenance/preparatory/testing work will continue throughout this Rink Closure Period as this a "new" rink and to maintain the rink for possible opening if and when Covid/FVRD restrictions/regulations are reduced.

Thank you for your continued support.

I wish everyone a very Happy & Healthy Christmas


David Bull