• David Bull

Updates - April 2021

Hi, Sunshine Valley Community members

Just a quick update of what's been happening just recently.

1. To try and deter uninvited/unwelcome traffic with PRIVATE PROPERTY SIGNS. These have been added to the North side, facing the highway.

2. Asphalt Repairs upcoming to Sumallo Road SCCc Huckleberry Road are being quoted now for delivery in May.

3. Marketing Office moved to the North Side of Highway beside the Ice Rink, to remove congestion near South side mail boxes.

4. Wood waste burning

1.2 Kilometers west of Huckleberry Professionally conducted by Triwest

Pre Inspected by SVVFD Chief

1500 gallon Water truck with forestry fire hoses at site

Registered number secured (BC Govt)

Snow on ground and surrounding area area cleared

5. Have completed significant and are continuing to INSTALL SIGNIFICANT WATER INFRASTRUCTURE to Huckleberry side. Work will continue over next several weeks

6. In advanced talks with TELUS on improved CELL Phone Coverage and High Speed Fibre INTERNET

More to come.

Regards, David

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