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Updates - Nov 2020

Hi Sunshine Valley Community members

A  Weekend update on 1. Ice Rink Construction Progress 2. Roadway and Access Security Enhancements 3. Drainage Infrastructure Improvements Ice Rink The ice rink perimeter was completed earlier this week and additional fill was put in and re-graded and levelled.

A deck made of treated wood has been constructed to house from left to right in the picture

  • An extra-wide washroom 

  • Heated change room with window 

  • Equipment facility to maintain the ice rink.

  • Second washroom will be at the west side closest to the lake and the corner of the ice rink for those who enjoy the bonfire and Lakeside socializing.

Roadway and Access Security Enhancements After a consultation with Parkhill Road Committee, Bigfoot Snow plowing and Holiday Trails regarding access issues. Rock has been placed 5 feet from the edge of the road (to allow for snow plowing), starting where the old gate used to be closer to the highway to form a security perimeter to Huckleberry Gate, the ice rink and lakeside parking lot.  On the east side of the road directly across from the rink, the rock had been indented to the depth of a pick up truck (plus snow clearing) to form two parking lots in the same locations that existed previously. The roadside rock perimeter has been placed in such a manner to allow cars and SUVs and trucks to come and enjoy the ice rink and parking facilities while at the same time allowing ATVs snowmobile and pedestrian traffic to utilize the tunnel and gain access to the rink and lake facilities.  What the rock will hopefully prevent is unauthorized vehicles with trailers and/or large RVs or 18 wheelers coming onto the property and dispersing multiple sorts of vehicles from outside the valley and or non-invited guests.  Additional signage will be added to reinforce the intended use of the roadway and parking lots.

Drainage infrastructure Improvements Rink & Lakeside Parking The parking lot is still being developed and constructed. It is still a work in progress.   900 tons of 2 inch drainage rock and then topped with three-quarter road crush has been provided.  Parking lot has now been sloped to drain east across the road where after drainage test holes showed it was the best existing option.  The parking lot has had a long history sitting with deep surface water and of flooding. Directly across the road a large existing ditch/trench was cleared, widened and lengthened to try and help clear the water away from the rink and parking. Cedar Lake  Prior to the deluge of rain that occurred earlier in the week the dikes for the lake and the main drainage canal for the lake were cleared of debris, and all the large culverts cleaned. Water engineers have been brought up to do water level and water flow assessment analysis for future potential infrastructure improvements.

The good news is while all this water and all this rain was soaking the whole valley the “Dry Tunnel” under the Highway now completely lives up to its name.

More updates to follow in the coming weeks. Regards, David Sunshine Valley Developments Ltd.

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Sunshine Valley is located beautifully in the Cascade Mountains of British Columbia. Sunshine Valley is just 15 minutes from Hope, a quick 2-hour drive from Vancouver, no ferries, borders, or long and tedious drives. The Valley is 1,300 acres surrounded by local highlights such as Silvertip Mountain, Cedar Lake, The Sumallo River and Manning Park. Sunshine Valley offers access to activities for everyone including, ATVing, snowmobiling, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, dirt biking, fishing, ice skating, and off-roading. 

Sunshine Valley is located just 20 minutes away from Manning Park, which features downhill and X-country skiing, a tube park and horseback riding. Further, enjoy day trips to the Similkameen Valley filled with eateries and wine tasting. Hope, just a 15-minute drive from the Valley also has a lot to offer including, the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, the Eaton Lake Trail, the Flood Falls Trail, Gold Panning, Kawkawa Lake Beach and Water Sports and the Fraser River Tours: Hope to Hell's Gate. For families, Hope also has the HMI Skate park, the Rambo Tour, Centennial Park, the Hope Community Center, the Hope Curling Club, Bowling at the Kingpin Lounge and the Hope Golf & Country Club. Visit for more activities. Additionally, The Sunshine Valley Community Recreation Society also provides access to an outdoor pool, an indoor hot tub, tennis and pickleball courts, an auditorium for special events, free wifi, free parking in the society's parking lot and a discount on special event tickets for $40 per month. Sunshine Valley has been called one of BC's most accessible and affordable recreational and residential resorts. 

Recreational and residential acreage is for sale on a 999 Year Prepaid Registered Improvement to Land Lease starting from $147,900. Lot sizes range from just under 4000 sq ft up to just over 10,000 sq ft in three different neighbourhoods. Sunshine Valley's newest release is nine lake mountain view lots ranging from 5500 to 6700 sq ft, on which you can build up to 3500 sq ft with an additional three-car garage. The lake mountain view lots will be fully serviced with hydro, water, and TELUS high-speed fibre optic internet, septic to be installed by purchaser. The second neighbourhood is Sunshine Valley Estates featuring quarter-acre lots in the woodlands. The majority of the Sunshine Valley Estate Lots are larger than 10,450 sq ft and allow for a building up to 3500 sq ft plus a three-car garage. Infrastructure for the Estate Lots including, water, septic, hydro, cell and wifi, is currently being installed for an additional cost. Finally, the third neighbourhood is the Sunshine Valley Grove, featuring fully serviced south-facing lots around 4000 sq ft and up. The Grove lots allow for homes up to 1300 sq ft plus a garage. Although these are the lots currently available for reservation or sale, we are happy to discuss larger parcels of property available to lease. 

Sunshine Valley is the perfect place to build your first or even your second home. Use a custom builder, a prefab, kit or tiny home to create your dream outdoor four-season retreat and experience cottage living. Make Sunshine Valley your retirement location or where you choose to live off the grid to achieve sustainable living. Additionally, there is the option to Airbnb or VRBO your Sunshine Valley property for up to 6 months per year, making it the perfect property for those who wish to use their property part-time while still earning rental income. 

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