• David Bull

Updates - May 2021

Hi, Sunshine Valley Community members

Here are the latest updates for May.

1/ The Sumallo Inn theft of work tools occurred Monday this week. The approx. replacement value of tools is $2500.00. The adjacent neighbor was immediately notified and advised they would inform other corporate/institutional neighbors immediately. We have inquired and we request any potential Video footage to assist investigation. Had awaited video feedback from neighbors to provide Hope RCMP having not received any video information, proceeded forthwith next day to formally report incident to RCMP.

Sunshine Valley Developments Ltd. has proceeded with security measures for additional community wide enhancement and additional community protection. Details to be provided next report or upon request prior to. Police File number available upon request.

2. Asphalt repairs continuing into Late May/June.

3. Wood Burning is done on a day to day basis notwithstanding permits are issued with a certain date such as a 2 week duration/period. And each day, a daily decision is made based on several factors and may be curtailed at anytime and therefore it is difficult to provide any notice of duration with any certainty.

SVDL has been informed by the requisite govt. departments that SVDL conducting practices on an exemplary basis that exceed requirements for notification, safety etc.

Notwithstanding that, SVDL is a responsive community member that receives all feedback appreciatively (irrespective of its intent) and holds the view there is always room for improvement in all community members' practices.

SVDL with the community of top of mind will be reviewing the third party operator practices today to determine how best to proceed if at all and how to best communicate back to the community.

4. SVDL is investing in Telus Fibre Optic infrastructure upgrades. Work to commence this summer. Cell phone coverage area improvement discussions continue. Several challenges to achieve are being incurred. Updates to be provided.

5. Huckleberry side water infrastructure improvements will continue over the next weeks through the early summer months.

6. Painting of gates and/or other buildings to commence over next several weeks into summer.

Regards, David

P.S. The company is considering to look for a person who is community minded and a good communicator preferably with a construction based background or knowledge to act as a liason. ANY thoughts or ideas or recommendations on who may suit a potential role of that description would be warmly received and most appreciated.